Deciding on a medical career is of immense importance because it will have a huge impact on your future life. At medical school exposure to many of the different specialities is limited or even non- existent, making it difficult to make an informed career choice.

Most times doctors and medical students don’t receive formal careers advice. BWIH is here to bridge that gap, by our mentor-ship programmes, career fairs and other events, we give students the opportunity to connect with and learn from women who have been through the same challenges. 


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BWIH aims to inspire the next generation of black women and girls in medicine by influencing the number of black female Students pursuing careers in the medical field and provide a platform where black women in medicine can share their experiences and encourage one another.


BWIH dedicated to increasing the number of under-represented black females in healthcare; by creating awareness of equality and diversity in order to break barriers and build bridges. Empowering Students and aspiring black female medics with the knowledge and support needed to pursue careers in the Healthcare industry.


BWIM aims to honor outstanding black female medical and health students around the country who work diligently in their chosen field of medicine to change the face of medicine through their passions, commitment and dedication to the profession.

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