NURSE & MIDWIfe network

The Black Women in Health Nurses and Midwife Network is comprised of a group of black female Nurses and Midwives based all across the UK.
We aim to provide exciting networking opportunities for all black Nurses and midwives, create mentorship opportunities for Trainee Nurses and students and facilitate work experience opportunities for prospective Nursing students.


Connect with other like minded nurses and midwives who are committed to personal development, who want to transform their already amazing life, who want to learn something new, be surrounded by positive energy and meet phenomenal ladies! Whether you are a hospital nurse, midwife, mental health nurse, advanced nurse practitioner, trainee or student nurse, we welcome you.


BWIH aims to inspire and motivate the next generation of black women and girls in nursing and midwifery by influencing the number of black female students pursuing careers in the medical field and provide a platform where black women in medicine can share their experiences and encourage one another.


BWIH dedicated to increasing the number of under-represented black female nurses in leadership roles; to create awareness of equality and diversity in order to break barriers and build bridges. Thereby empowering ourselves and aspiring black female nurses with the knowledge and support needed to pursue careers in the Healthcare industry


BWIM honors black women nurses, midwives and nursing educators around the country who work diligently in all facets of medicine and changing the face of medicine through their passions, their lives, or their teaching. In telling the stories of women who have persevered in medical fields in part by overcoming barriers linked to race and success and fuel for self-actualization.

Are you in ?

If you choose to join our Nurses and Midwife Network, we understand that each individual has various commitments in their everyday lives and so we are willing to work around your schedule as we do not wish for your involvement to be a burden. 

If you are interested, click the join button.