Aspiring medics

BWIH aims to increase awareness of careers in healthcare by building the confidence in students encouraging them to pursue careers in Medicine whilst challenging stereotypes. Starting early from primary and secondary school.

BWIH aims to provide in-depth information for students, teachers and families across the country as we believe that all students should have access to the resources required to pursue careers in Medicine irrespective of their socio-economic background and race.


Be mentored by a medical student or practicing health professional. Our Mentors will provide advice, guidance, and feedback; share their experience and expertise as appropriate; And help you with development and action plans.

application support

Application support, and guide through the application process by experienced senior colleagues 


We aim to hold a number of events throughout the year that will benefit prospective Medics, career fairs, motivational and celebratory events. 

Inspiring the future

BWIH hopes to increase the awareness of careers in medicine and the demands of the undergraduate medical degree. The plan is to build confidence in students encouraging them to pursue careers in Medicine, nursing , pharmacy and other allied health care professions whilst challenging stereotypes.

BWIH is an organisation dedicated to supporting the African-Caribbean community of aspiring medics, in the UK whilst tackling the lack of diversity in the Medical Field. To address this issue, BWIH aims to start early by providing  in-depth and personal learning opportunities to help encourage early interest in the profession. We aim to visit primary and secondary schools to inspire, motivate and empower them with knowledge.