Founder's Story

Dr. Omon Imohi’s vision for BWIH first started when she was a trainee doctor. She had struggled to find a platform that provided support and advice for doctors of Afro-Caribbean descent. She craved for a mentor that could relate with her struggles and challenges. The desire kept burning, and she brought it to life finally in January 2019.

 She is passionate about empowering black women in health to attain maximum professional and personal excellence. Her aim is to birth female leaders or empower existing female leaders to become impactful leaders.  She is also passionate about changing discriminatory attitudes and practices. She hopes that BWIH will provide a unique network for Black women  in all branches of the healthcare profession, and at all stages from medical students to senior consultants. We aim to achieve real equality by providing practical, personal help from members who know the hurdles and have overcome them.

BWIH is a platform for all women in healthcare to connect, engage, motivate,  inspire, empower and celebrate one another.

Dr. Omon Imohi is a practicing NHS General practitioner, with over 12 years of clinical practice. She is A Fellow of the Royal college of General Practitioners, she is a fellow of the society for public health. She is the Vice chair of  RCGP Mersey Faculty board and a nationally elected member of the RCGP Council. She is also a GP community tutor. She volunteers as a guide for Team halo a UN affiliate and FIDES a WHO affiliate to promote vaccine confidence. 

She combines a strong background in Secondary and Primary care medicine.  She was recently awarded GP of the year 2019 by the RCGP north west faculty. She is  a Certified Life Coach and transformational speaker, who is passionate about inspiring and motivating fellow women to transform their lives by unleashing their maximum potential and achieving their dreams.  

She regularly volunteers as a speaker in primary & secondary schools in North West of England to motivate and give career advice to the future generation.

Her vision is a world where people are living their best lives and have holistic success.