Black Women in Health


BWIH- Black women in Health is a non-profit partnership network for motivating, inspiring, empowering and celebrating black women in medicine and healthcare in the UK,  to achieve personal and professional growth through shared learning for the benefit of the society. 

We aim to implement positive solutions which will help to overcome challenges like under-representation and socio-economic barriers black women face in the medical profession. We are passionate about promoting  equality and diversity within Medicine. We hope that by creating awareness of the important of embracing equality and diversity we will be able to break barriers and build bridges with the National Health Service and help improve patient-healthcare professional relationship, thereby ensuring quality patient centered care.

We are strengthening a capacity of a unique generation of black women in medicine to play more significant roles in the medical profession, society, medical polity, medical education, finance, security, philanthropy and business by connecting ourselves to local and global opportunities.

BWIH aims to recognize black women doctors, dentists, pharmacists, nurses, midwives, opticians, allied health professionals and medical educators who are changing the face of medicine through their passions, their lives, or their teaching. These women deserve to tell their stories to empower the next generation of black women in medicine.

We aim to also celebrate their accomplishments and dedication to fostering tomorrow’s women leaders in Medicine

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For all black female healthcare professional to attain maximum professional excellence and exceptional personal development.


To provide a forum for a diverse group of black female healthcare professionals, medical students, along with all other aspiring black female medics, to contribute to promoting:

Professional excellence & Career progression 







To achieve our aims we intend to take a multifaceted approach connecting, inspiring and empowering black women in health. And in  supporting prospective black female medical students, current medical students and other black female allied healthcare professionals in every way possible. Below is a list of our objectives.


To create an open forum for diverse black women in healthcare for the purpose of networking, connecting, inspiring, motivating, empowering for knowledge sharing and celebration. 


To create a space for personal and professional development through social interactions both online and physically.  Learning from seasoned professionals, shared learning.


To enhance the capacity of black women in medicine to participate more effectively in medical leadership, medical politics, medical education, philanthropy and socio-economically.


To promote partnership with like minded organisations and support women inclusion and participation. Promote equality and diversity. 


 To be a good representation of black women in healthcare,  and be role models to the future black females in healthcare by way of mentorship


To recognize and reward outstanding black women in medicine and encourage each other to do better and continue to excel professionally.

Breaking Barriers & Building Bridges

“Our collective stories and experience can be the greatest textbooks of life. But with every shameful story stuffed away, we bypass the chance to expand and connect — a missed opportunity slipped through our fingers.” — Kristen Noel